Meet Our Team


Kimberly Cook

Special Education

Kimberly Cook, co-founder of ACT, initially began her career in the private sector. It was her journey as a mother that ultimately guided Kimberly to her true passion — special education. Blessed with 2 beautiful boys — now grown adults — her eldest son was born with a significant disability. A lifelong learner at heart, Kimberly set out on a mission to gain a greater understanding of the resources available to ensure that her son would have access to the same opportunities as every other child. The challenge and reward of the journey motivated Kimberly to advocate for other families in similar circumstances through a career in special education. Kimberly’s passion and energy inspires and encourages educators and students alike. Her sons each lead successful, independent lives. Both children graduated with degrees in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and both design custom-made furniture. Kimberly lives the motto — providing all children, regardless of ability, the opportunity to have access to grade level curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

As a special education professional, Kimberly focuses on access to the curriculum for all learners. She serves educators, students, and parents through her work with Access Curriculum Together and as an adjunct instructor at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas in Austin and a Masters in Educational Administration and Mid-Management from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. She worked as a member of the Texas Assistive Technology Network and the Texas Low Incidence Disability Network. Her diverse experience includes teaching in a general education and special education environment, teaching students with dyslexia and autism, and serving as a federal programs director. Kimberly participated in Harvard Graduate School of Education's professional education course, Universal Design of Learning: New Directions fro Teaching Learners with Diverse Needs, where she gained a true understanding of UDL.   Kimberly’s primary areas of interest include assistive technology, access to curriculum, and low incidence disabilities. Kimberly lives in Corpus Christi with her husband Kresten and dog, Cooper. 


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Patty Callaway

Math Education

Patty Callaway, co-founder of ACT, is a Mathematics Specialist with several years’ experience teaching middle school mathematics before becoming a state trainer for the Texas Math Initiative - Math Academy with a Focus on Algebra Readiness for Texas Students. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with Honors from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi and a Master’s in Education for Middle School Mathematics from Texas State University in San Marcos. After completing her Master's degree, Patty became a Middle School Mathematics Specialist consulting with Texas schools, coaching mathematics for the Math Instructional Coaches Grant, and working as an Instructional Team Member for the Texas Regional Collaborative for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching Grant. 

Patty helped write and develop curriculum for the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative. She also co-authored a book, Problem Solving on John’s Farm, which provides numerous circumstances to apply mathematics to real world problems within the journey of planting to the harvest of cotton. Patty assists school districts by providing professional development and sharing strategies in differentiated mathematics for the general education classroom. 

Patty’s passion, experience, and focus for mathematics education leads her to demonstrate a genuine care and interest in making sure she understands her students’ specific skills and learning styles, while building strategies to overcome obstacles. She currently resides in a small community near Corpus Christi with her husband John, their cat Edge, and dog Fraser.