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About ACT

Access Curriculum Together was co-founded in 2014 by Patty Callaway, Mathematics Specialist. The mathematics side of the company has become well known as Math ACT.  Curriculum alignment and onsite coaching provided by Patty supports excellence in the mathematics classroom.  If you have the desire to achieve educational excellence while driving the mathematics standards, contact ACT.  You will experience the enthusiastic insights of an innovative, life learner with bundles of applicable math ideas for fun-loving, real world, and challenging experiences.  Patty's collaborative, non-threatening style of professional development and classroom support empowers mathematics coaches, teachers, interventionists and all those involved in the instruction of mathematics, to explore new ideas and take risks resulting in bona fide gains in the mathematics classroom.

Contact Patty Callaway, ACTor, producer, and director for professional development, curriculum alignment, and coaching mathematics instruction. Your math educators desiring award winning performances will excel in mathematics instruction!!! 


Who Do We Serve? 

Access Curriculum Together serves:

  • administrators,

  • math coaches,

  • math interventionists,

  • math teachers,

  • special education teachers serving math students,

  • paraprofessionals serving math students,

  • math students

  • parents

  • communities

ACT Information

For best results and a personalized plan,

Contact Patty Callaway: (361) 537-3665 


Patty Callaway is a true interventionist.
Why isn’t Math ACT offered at university? This is exactly what math teachers need for effective classroom instruction.
— Flour Bluff ISD
Thank you for taking the time to explain how the state standards are designed vertically. I finally understand the importance of teaching Concrete, Representational, and Abstract, CRA, phases of instruction. Our state standards reflect these phases too.
— Gregory Portland ISD
The use of math manipulatives really works. More students understand mathematics and my grades reflect this too.
— Flour Bluff ISD
I learned how to effectively fill in the gaps for kids.
I can tell how much you really know about our school from the data you presented. Thanks you so much for everything you do for our school.
— Premont ISD
WOW! Your Student Self-Diagnostic Tool really makes a difference for students. My students are showing their work, their grades are better, it serves as a parent conference tool, and I use the data to plan math interventions.
— Taft ISD and Riviera ISD
Patty Callaway is always positive and willing to help our classrooms improve to ...their highest potential. Just by talking to her you can see how much she truly wants our school and students to succeed.
— Premont ISD
My son made a 100% on his six weeks test in Algebra!!! Thank you for everything you did to help him learn this material!
— Flour Bluff ISD Parent
Can you help me plan each unit of instruction when you coach me each week? Students are really responding to this new way of teaching!!
— Premont ISD
I read the book you recommended for a literacy connection in the math class and the students connected the mathematics we were learning to the book. Now, when I review previously learned concepts I reference the book and students remember the math concepts much better. It works!
— Premont ISD
She passed the STAAR test! My daughter passed the STAAR test!! She really understands the mathematics better with math manipulatives!!!
— Calallen ISD parent