Math Education and Consulting Services


About Math ACT

Math Access Curriculum Together (Math ACT) supports teachers, math coaches, administrators and students. We target positive results by increasing content knowledge within all avenues of math instruction: mathematics teachers, special education teachers, mathematics intervention teachers, paraprofessionals, and students.  We increase capacity for all learners participating in our services.  Using brain-based problem solving strategies designed for depth, rigor and complexity results in success, self efficacy and love of mathematics. Math ACT focuses on aligning research based solutions to increase success rates for all students, gifted to struggling. 

Math ACT is unique. Math ACT is available to impact and train math coaches, math teachers, special education teachers, and even teach students.  We blend and align curriculum with proven research based strategies designed to pull ALL learners out of the cracks.  Our vocabulary word walls, literature connections, math manipulatives, and kinesthetic approaches put the quality and fun back in the classroom.

Math Access Curriculum Together yields positive results for all school districts seeking to improve accountability ratings.

Professional development and consultation is available for grades K-8 math educators. We provide training in grade level instruction and assessment that aligns with state standards and addresses post secondary readiness. Training and consultation is available for integrating vertically aligned mathematics instruction, data driven interventions, coaching, modeling instruction, vocabulary word walls, math manipulatives, brain-based strategies, co-teaching, Tier II and Tier III interventions, effective questioning, and much more. 

Who Do We Serve? 

Math Access Curriculum Together (ACT) serves school districts, teachers, paraprofessionals, students and parents. We support teachers and administrators helping to create a learning environment where all students are included and expected to reach grade-level mathematics standards. 

Math ACT Workshop Series

Math ACT is an innovative, research-based series of collaborative trainings designed to instruct teachers on the “how” of teaching ALL students. 

Teaching the Mathematics TEKS with Accountability in Mind

Math Access Curriculum Together (ACT) coaches teachers on how to address accessible curriculum for increasing test scores and improving accountability ratings. Making the curriculum accessible to students and developing skills through concrete, semi-concrete, and abstract processes, students experience mastery of grade level TEKS, increasing confidence as concepts are built. Rigor becomes less intimidating as students accept challenging problem solving situations through collaboration and discussion, building intrinsic knowledge.  Students know that their unique entry points will be addressed through use of data, math manipulatives, visual supports, literature, and vocabulary.

Register your teachers for MATH ACT for bona fide results in the classroom.  Training and consultation are offered in the areas of student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps, and post-secondary readiness. Aligned with Texas Education Agency (TEA) Accountability System.