Corner to Corner Multiplication Complete Set

Corner to Corner Multiplication Complete Set


As students learn their multiplication facts and color in their multiplication chart, they see there are fewer and fewer multiplication facts to learn as the numbers get larger and more difficult.  


  • Flash cards color coordinated with color multiplication chart and poster    
  • Reproducible student multiplication chart, black and white
  • Color multiplication chart
  • Reproducible cumulative quizzes to check for mastery

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All students must learn their multiplication facts. Too often I hear teachers say that students can always use a calculator.  Yes, they can use a calculator if they have one with them!  But did you know that multiplication facts are building blocks for other math topics such as time, division, long multiplication, least common multiples, fractions and algebra? Multiplication facts are also building blocks for higher mathematics.  Students who have not learned their multiplication facts often fall behind in math and other subjects that use math.  Then students  begin to lose confidence.  All because they weren't expected to master their multiplication facts. 

Corner to Corner Multiplication uses a systematic simple structure to support students learning their multiplication facts by starting with 1s and progressing to 2s, 3s, 4s, etc.  As students master their multiplication facts they color in their multiplication chart.  For example, after learning all 1s, color in the 1s vertical and horizontal bands red to correspond with flash card color and poster.  After learning the 2s color in the 2s horizontal and vertical bands light purple to correspond with the cards, etc.