Access Curriculum Together is exactly what school districts need!
— PSP at AIE Conference
Kimberly Cook and Patty Callaway partnering for your success!

Kimberly Cook and Patty Callaway partnering for your success!

We want everything you have. Are your activities for sale?
— Inclusion Works Conference
Access Curriculum Together aligns with the same goals and objectives as the Advancing Improvement in Education Conference. This is the best session I’ve been to at AIE!
— Superintendent at AIE Conference
WOW ACT Training! My teachers now understand how to include all pieces of the TEKS Resource System and begin with the end in mind for teaching on grade level, and my district knows how to team teach for success for all students! You two rocked it!
— Mathis ISD Curriculum Director
Access Curriculum Together understands how to train teacher teams to embrace each other inside and outside the inclusion classroom. Their activities and supports left inclusion teams bonded and prepared for success for all students.
— Gregory Portland ISD Curriculum Director
The collaborative activities we did at the ACT workshop helped me understand how to integrate and support all learners while teaching the standards on grade level. I am doing Universal Design for Learning, UDL, when I’m using math manipulatives!
— Mathis and Riviera ISD
Thank you for supporting our teachers with your math and special ed expertise. I am so happy to have you here training our teachers and helping us meet accountability standards.
— Premont ISD Principal