Educators Recommend ACT

Math ACT increased student understanding of grade level mathematics and student self-efficacy because Kimberly and Patty made mathematics collaborative and challenging with the use of manipulatives. Math ACT also increased student use of grade level vocabulary with strategic use of word walls.
— Rick Trevino, Special Education Director, Taft ISD
Kimberly and Patty rock the mathematics world with their innovative approach to working with struggling learners. By melding their experiences and knowledge of mathematics and special education, these ladies are definitely spicing things up in the education world!
— Kelly Bevis, Special Education Coordinator, Somerset ISD

Students Recommend ACT

Q. What is your favorite thing about Math ACT?
A. “Your teaching strategies.”
Q. How did using manipulatives help you learn?
A. “It let us have fun and the best way to learn
is when you’re having fun!”
— Areceli - 5th Grader
Math ACT was fun, now I feel mathematically strong!
— Ryan - 3rd Grader
We got to touch squares and small cars! Now I get it.
— Alex - 3rd Grader
Now I don’t need manipulatives to find the answer. I have a better understanding of what I am doing.
— Meagan - 4th Grader
I understand this now. Can I go help them [other students]?
— Diego - 4th Grader